Best Brand Chair Back Support – BackGuard Premium Lower Back Pain Cushion

People suffering from lower back pain is a very common phenomenon these days. Spending hours on end at your chair does exert a lot of pressure to your back, especially the lower back. Eventually, these pressure creates back problems that lead to the characteristic and uncomfortable lower pain.

That is why it pays to delve into ways of cushioning your back if only to understand how you can ease the back pain. In this regard, we review the BackGuard, which is said to a premium back cushion aimed at reducing back pain by positioning your back in its natural posture.

Premium Lower Back Pain Cushion - Proprietary Density Memory Foam Lumbar Cushion

Packs That BackGuard  Back Cushion Comes With

The understanding of whether this product is any good begin with understanding what it comes with as a back cushion. BackGuard is designed and made using proprietary density memory foam. The foam is designed to be stiff enough to support the lower back, all the while being flexible enough to move with the natural movement of your body.

The center of the cushion is designed to be breathable, thereby negating the accumulation of sweat and or odor. To achieve this, the makers of BackGuard have made the center of cushion breathable, whilst ensuring that the cushion as whole does not flex too much.

BackGuard also comes with an adjustable strap. The adjustable strap ensures the cushion remains in place all the while. The strap is also removable and machine washable.

The Benefits Of BackGuard Chair Back Support

The main advantage BackGuard offers its users is a better way of relieving lower back pain and pressure rather than consuming pain medications, which has been the tradition. The gentle but firm cushion gives users undeliverable support attuned to the natural curvature of the back, thus reducing the pressure resulting from sitting down for long periods of time.

Closely related to the above, is the comfortable posture that BackGuard gives it users. While using this cushion, you position your back to the best position possible, enhancing your posture, thereby oozing confidence while being seated.

Additionally, the design of the cushion makes it very easy to use on a daily basis. The strap, the compact size and the other features that the BackGuard has are very important in making possible to use on a day-to-day basis.

The Demerits Of BackGuard Lumbar Cushion

One of the demerits of this product is the single strap system used to keep the cushion in place. The single strap is not capable of providing sufficient tension to keep the cushion in place. Furthermore, once the strap develops some weakness at the seam, there is no other backup strapping mechanism.

The shape of the cushion makes it very difficult to use the cushion on auto chairs, especially those that have contoured shapes. The same goes for sharply contoured chairs.

In conclusion, although the cushion is not perfect in every sense, you can return it if you find it not helpful. BackGuard comes with a 90-days return guarantee. BackGuard lower back cushion is very comfortable to use, especially if you have a small to medium sized body. It works perfectly in alleviating lower back pain and improving your posture, all the while ensuring you remain comfortable.

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Proprietary Density Memory Foam Lumbar Cushion Provides Healthy Back Support And Noticeably Fast Lower Back Pain Relief For Most Users

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