The Best Armless Office Chairs Fit For Special People Needs

When asked what type of office chair they prefer, most people working in an office will automatically answer, one with arms. It’s quite true that an office chair with traditional arms is the most popular option, but there are certain people and situations that can benefit from armless office chairs. In fact, armless chairs are slowly becoming a recognizable office icon.

Why You May Need An Armless Office Chairs?


The Office Worker

Working in an office requires you to spend hours within the confines of a small cubicle. Meanwhile, your boss is probably fortunate enough to have an office chair with all of the bells and whistles, employees are often stuck with lesser quality seating options. With an armless office chair, you don’t have to sacrifice comfort or quality, but due to the armless nature of the chair, it’s easier to fit into small spaces and you can completely roll it under your desk.

The Entrepreneur At Home

Working from home is slowly becoming the norm for entrepreneurs, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need the right office furniture to be productive. At the very least, you will need a quality desk and an office chair that offers adequate lumbar support. Since most people working at home don’t have a lot of office space to dedicate to their work, an armless chair provides the perfect balance in working comfort. The compact nature of the chair allows it to have a smaller footprint and be useful in cramped quarters such as your kitchen or spare bedroom. More details about home business chairs, see:

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The College Student

Living in dorms can be the ultimate college experience, but students all have a problem making their furniture fit into a small room. Every student needs a desk, but special attention must be paid to the office chair. A chair with arms can eat up a great deal of space since it can’t directly slide under the desk. On the other hand, an armless office chair is not only trendy for dorm rooms, but handy in taking up less square footage. And you can check Small Size Office Chairs for short person and small room use.

Many people can benefit from an office chair without arms, but one must pay careful attention to the options available before making a final decision. People busy at the office, working from home or living in dorms are especially going to benefit from the ergonomic and compact design an armless chair offers. In addition, the affordable pricing of these chairs can also make them very desirable.

To save you time, you can check the best price armless office chair, check details below:

AmazonBasics Low-Back Computer Chair – Under $50


Measures: 22.5 inches deep by 21.5 inches wide by 30.5 to 34.5 inches high
Maximum weight capacity: 225-pound

The Benefits Of An Armless Office Chair With Highly Recommended

Today’s office environment often includes a variety of furniture. One of the staples is the office chair. When you are purchasing office furniture, you may wonder what the difference is between office chairs with arms and those without. The type of chair which is best suited to your office will on several factors. The first of these is the other type of furniture in your office. Some employees like their office arranged with more than one desk space. For these, an armless desk chair can be the right choice. Before making a purchase decision, it is also a good idea to take a look at the benefits and the drawbacks of armless office chairs.

One of the primary benefits of an armless office chair is that they take up less space than those with arms or arm rests. If you office space is tight or you share your office with others, an armless office chair may be a better fit. They are also convenient if you want to move quickly between desk spaces as you are working on a project.

Another of the benefits and convenience of no-arm office chairs is they are designed to fit seamlessly with most office furniture. If you like sitting up close to your desk, an armless chair will slide right up to the edge. Office chairs with arms may not fit easily under the desk, creating a challenge if you need to sit close in.

If you use a keyboard tray, an armless chair will most certainly be more convenient since it will allow you to position the keyboard tray where it is most comfortable without the possibility of running into chair arms. If you are working with a budget, an armless office chair will usually cost less, helping you remain within budget parameters.

So what is the best size office chair without arms? There is a Hot Picks model people highly recommended:

HON HVL210 Task Chair for Office or Computer Desk


Fully Adjustable: Pneumatic seat height adjustment
Swivel & Tilt mechanism with adjustable tilt tension accommodates users of all sizes
33.5 x 24.5 x 38.2 inches.
Maximum weight capacity250Lbs

Some armless office chairs will also be ergonomically designed, making them a very good choice for office furniture. An armless chair may also be less prone to damage since it is the arms on a chair which tend to get damaged.

It is also important to know the disadvantages of an armless office chair before making a purchase decision. An office chair with arms provides a better ergonomic fit, so an armless office chair may not be as comfortable as one with arms. Arms on an office chair may be important if you have back problems or need to sit in a certain way.

So we have compared different type of office chair without arms for special peoples’ needs, if you are someone like to play a guitar, or graphic designers, artists, or people have small space to work, you must be happy to see these chairs! So let’s check them up:

The most height no arm office chair, the seat height adjustment 23″ to 33″, 360 degree swivel, adjustable back tilt tension. Aluminum 26″ diameter base, two-tone 2 1/2″ dual carpet wheel casters. Check more details below:

Safco Products 3442BL Metro Extended Height Chair


And for soft touch and easy clean, there is a modern style leather office chair without arms for you reference:

Mid-Back Armless White Ribbed Upholstered Leather Swivel Conference Chair


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