Check 2019’s 13 BEST Standing Desk Chairs – Top-rated High Stool Reviews and Buying Guide

If you are a senior leader who cares about your staff member’s physical health, or if you are an employee looking for a more comfortable workstation, you must have heard about standing desk chairs.

If not, don’t worry. We are here to tell you about standing workstation and what the best standing desk chairs for the standing desks are.

2019’s Top 13 Best Standing Desk Chairs Online

PicturesProductsSeat HeightsAnd More
tall office chair for standing workstationBest for Back Pain -
Adjustable High Mesh Office Work Chair for Standing Desks
25.2" – 33.9"view on amazon orange button
high office chair for standing deskBest Cheap -
Fully Adjustable Boss Drafting Chairs with/without Arms
26.5"-31.5"view on amazon orange button
drafting chairs for standing desksHot Seling –
Swivel Drafting Stool for Standing Workstation with Footrest
30.3"- 36.2"view on amazon orange button
tall office chair for standing deskBest Thick Padding -
Heavy Duty Tall Ergonomic Home and Office Chair
23" to 33" view on amazon orange button
sit stand chair stoolBest Mesh and Vinyl -
Modway Edge Tall Drafting Chairs with Flip-up Arms
20.5" - 29"view on amazon orange button
standing height chairBest Colors -
Flash Furniture Drafting Stool with Tractor Seat
20.25" - 25.75"view on amazon orange button
active seats on standing desk chairsBest Quality –
Active Sit-Stand Desk Chair with Rock Function for Good Postures
19" - 28"view on amazon orange button
tall standing stool that rocksBest Rated for Posture -
Standing Desk Chair wih Rocking Funtion
23.5" - 33.5"view on amazon orange button
adjustable standing desk chairBest Ergonomic –
Standing Desk Chair with Anti-fatigue Mat for All-day Uses
22.5“ - 46.3" view on amazon orange button
best sit stand stoolTop-rated –
Best Looking Tilting Sit-Stand Desk Stool for Active Seating
24. 8" - 34. 6"view on amazon orange button
chair that helps you stand upBest for Standing -
Adjustable Leaning Stools for Versatile Uses
18.5" - 38"view on amazon orange button
mat as standing desk chairsBest Anti-fatigue Mat –
Floor Pad with Masage Functions for Standing at Desks
size: 27" x 30" x 3.5"view on amazon orange button
hot sale standing desk matBest Selling Pad -
Standing Desk Mat with Warranty
size: 26.2" x 29" x 2.7"view on amazon orange button

Review Of 6 Best Standing Desk Chairs on the Market

Here we are giving you a detailed review of the best 6 standing desk chairs we select for you.

1. Hot Selling – Swivel Drafting Stool for Standing Workstation with Footrest

drafting chairs for standing desks
Swivel Drafting Chair
  • Comfortable seat: thick padding allowing you to sit for long periods of time
  • Adjustable height: lifting and lowering the chair from 30.3 to 36.2 in
  • 360-degree swivel function
  • Weight capacity: 250 lbs
  • Stable construction: heavy-duty base with 5 casters
  • Easy to assemble
  • Not recommendable for the elderly.
  • Can be too high for sitting desks.
  • You may want more padding.

These chairs come in a black or beige finish, with or without foot rings to rest your feet on.

The bonded leather upholstery looks great in your office and at home. The thick foam under the covering makes them comfortable to sit on.

The seat height is adjustable from 30.3″ to 36.2″. In this case, you can place your elbow a bit higher than your desktop, so as to work more comfortably.

2. Best for Back Pain – Adjustable High Mesh Office Work Chair for Standing Desks

tall office chair for standing workstation
Mid-Back Tall Chair for Standing
  • Relaxing sitting experience: armrest and foot rings reducing fatigue; padded seat; mesh back allows for air circulation
  • Multiple functions available: swiveling 360 degrees; nice casters making for high portability
  • Ultimate adjustability: allowing you to modify the height of the seat (25.2″ – 33.9″), the armrests and the foot ring
  • Weight capacity: 300 lbs
  • No headrest.

These chairs are like the taller version of the office chairs you are now using every day. Due to the extra seat height at 25.2″ to 33.9″, they come with a foot ring, so that your feet will not dangle in the air.

To provide support to your back, these mid-back desk chairs boast an ergonomic design with built-in lower back support. The premium adjustability allows you to modify the height of the seat, the armrest, and the footrest, so they can be more supportive.

The five casters on the base promise smooth moving across the floor without causing harm to the surface.

3. Best Quality – Active Sit-Stand Desk Chair with Rock Function for Good Postures

active seats on standing desk chairs
Active Sit-Stand Desk Chair
  • Fit for tables of different heights: seat height adjustable from 19″ to 28″
  • Stable base: allowing you to rock back and forth, and from left to right
  • Versatile uses: safe for 5th graders and adults
  • Comfortable padded seats
  • Easy to clean
  • Lacks support. This is how it forces your active sitting postures.
  • You may want more padding on the seat.
  • It might be short for some standing desks.

This chair features a non-slip base that allows for a wide range of motion. You can easily rock back and forth, or from left to right. Try on it, and you will be surprised by how comfortable and sturdy this is.

Its seat height is adjustable from 19 inches to 28 inches, so it fits for many desks, whether they are standing-up desks or sitting-down desks. Also, this is good for people of various heights. In fact, even a 5th grader will be able to sit on it comfortably. And, of course, adults can also enjoy working on it.

4. Top-rated – Best Looking Tilting Sit-Stand Desk Stool for Active Seating

best sit stand stool
Best Chair for Sit-Stand Desk
  • Adjustable to the height you want: 24.8″ – 34.6″, for users 5.7′ or taller
  • Multiple uses: allow you to alternate between sitting and standing
  • Weight capacity: 265 lbs
  • Different colors available: black, grey, blue and red ones on hand to blend with your place
  • Allowing a range of motions: swivel and tilts up to 8°
  • Comfy seating: 15″ x 16.1″ seat with thick padding
  • Not harming your floor: anti-slip pad on the base
  • Not recommendable for people below 5’2″

These stools look quite similar to bar stools at first sight. However, they are much more versatile than most bar stools.

This upgraded version is height-adjustable from 24.8″ to 34.6″. This allows the stools to alternate between a standing stool to a sitting one. Therefore, if you have a desk that allows you to modify its height, this chair will help you accustom yourself to your workstation better. Because this wide range of height enables you to make sure the computer monitor is at your eye level. In this way, you will be sitting or standing with more comfort to work.

Besides, this tall chair has tilting and swivel features. This will be very useful in your office. For example, you may need to communicate with your colleagues from time to time. Under such circumstances, you can turn with your chairs and don’t need to change your posture too much. Meanwhile, you may want to change your position slightly to relax your muscles. At this time, the stool can tilt up to 8°. You will know how convenient this is once you try.

5. Best Ergonomic – Standing Desk Chair with Anti-fatigue Mat for All-day Uses

adjustable standing desk chair
Standing Desk Chair with Adjustable Seat
  • Ergonomics’ pick: a relief from sciatica; able to refresh your mentality
  • Recommendable for all-day uses: adjustable seat allowing you to alternate sitting and standing; anti-fatigue effectively reducing pain
  • Weight capacity: 270 lbs
  • Adjustable height: seat height 22.5″ – 46.3″  for users 5’0″ – 6’4″ tall
  • Easy to move: casters on the base
  • Solid and durable aluminum construction
  • Easy to put together
  • More expensive than normal chairs.
  • Relatively limited postures for people under 5’0″ or over 6’4″

This is the real standing desk chairs, and it is probably the only standing chair that you can use all day long. As you can imagine, it is painful to stand all day long. But on this chair, you will hardly feel tired or painful.

One important reason is that the adjustable seat makes for three sitting postures.

  • First, you can lower the height and sit on it as you do on an ordinary chair. This is no significant difference from your original sitting postures.
  • Second, you can lift the seat height to the level where you are almost standing up. Then tilt the seat so that you can lean back and rest your hips on the whole seat. This will take some pressure away from your lower back and will not place too much pressure on your legs.
  • The third position is more like standing upright. In this posture, you will adjust the seat a bit higher than the second posture. This is because you need to place the seat at a horizontal level and rest your lower back on the tilted edge of the seat. So, you are standing up, but not in a tiring way.

Alternate the three postures, and you will find yourself working more efficiently than before.

6. Best Anti-fatigue Mat – Floor Pads with Masage Functions for Standing at Desks

mat as standing desk chairs
Anti-fatigue Mat for Standing Desks
  • Comfortable and durable materials: resistance-proof, anti-bacterial and shock-absorbent
  • Allowing simple foot massage and core stretching: special 3D features facilitating a more comfortable workstation
  • 3 low-profile colors: able to blend with your office settings
  • Size: 27 x 30 x 3.5 inches
  • Not suitable for daily uses. Alternating sitting and standing is a far better choice.
  • It takes time to accustom yourself to the new way of working.

If you are looking for complete conversion from sitting workstation to a standing one, the standing desk mats are an ideal choice for you. It does not even allow you to sit down if you do not place a chair around.

The difference between standing on the floor and this mat is its thick and high-quality materials and its 3D features.

The material it employs is free of phthalate, so it will not pose threats to your health. And it can stay well under long-time use. The 3D features are capable of massaging your feet and stretching your leg muscles. In this way, the seemingly tiresome standing session will be a refreshing session instead.

This is an excellent supplement to your standing desk chairs. When you are tired sitting on the chair, the mat slides out easily so that you can stand up and continue with your job. If you are in a mood for sitting down, storing it under your desk will not take up much space.

Where Do Standing Desks and Chairs Come in?

Recently, the “996” work culture is a hot topic on the internet. These numbers refer to a work hour system in which people have to work from 9 am to 9 pm 6 days a week. As this is said to be common in China’s tech start-ups, you can imagine that most of the working hours are sedentary.

However, many studies have shown that sitting for hours is damaging to well-being. Though you are not forced to work in the “996” culture, chances are that you are still suffering from pains induced by constant sedentary activities.

This is why people start to manufacture standing desks and chairs.

What Are the Chairs for Standing Desks Like?

As their name suggests, the standing desks and chairs allow you to stand up while at work. Most standing desks have an adjustable height to better fit people of varying heights. This makes for a more extensive selection of chairs.

1. Standing Desk Chairs with Anti-fatigue Mat

To work comfortably in front of your standing desks, you can choose the premium standing desk chairs with anti-fatigue mats. These chairs allow you to alternate sitting and standing by simple adjustments.

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2. Drafting Chairs for Posture

But such chairs can be expensive, and most of them are not suggested for all-day uses. Therefore, you can choose the drafting chairs instead. They are the higher version of your old office chair and usually come with a foot ring to support you. Their adjustable heights make for flexible uses.

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3. Stools for Standing Desks

Also, stools can work well with standing desks. Considering that you are going to sit on the stools for hours, you should definitely choose those much more comfortable than ordinary bar stools. The ones with a sturdy base that allows you to rock freely are the ideal picks.

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4. Anti-fatigue Mat with Massage Functions

If you want a complete conversion from sitting to standing, anti-fatigue mats with massages will be a wonderful choice. You can keep your office chair, and alternate between the two.

These mats are different from your mats for office chairs. Mats for standing desks are not flat. Instead, they have 3D features that make for more comfortable standing hours.

Anti-fatigue mats are a good choice if you want to experience a complete difference between sitting and standing.

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What Benefits Can Standing Desk Chairs Bring You?

Don’t miss out the standing desk chairs! Learn the benefits and get yourself one.

1. Burn More Calories.

Words have it that standing in front of your computer to work all day for a year is like running ten marathons.

This may ring false to you. But this is, indeed, a “lazy” way of helping you burn calories. Though standing burns only slightly more calories than sitting, the numbers will add up over time.

using standing desks are like running marathons
Burn Calories Like Marathon Runners Do.

2. Reduce Pressure on Your Joint.

In a standing workstation, you do not have to stand still as if you are a soldier. You can stand upright. And it is advisable to change your positions from time to time. Such movement variation will reduce pressure from your feet, knees, and spine without adding it to your lower back. So, you also are less likely to suffer from sciatica pain in legs and your lower back.

3. Lower Your Risk of Heart Disease.

Lots of studies have shown a strong relationship between excessive sedentary hours and the higher risk of cardiovascular diseases.

According to NHS, a research in 2011, in which 800,000 people took part, concluded that people sitting the most had a 147% increase in the risk of cardiovascular issues, in comparison to those who sat the least.

sitting may induce heart issues
Constant Sitting Increases Risks of Heart Issue.

So, it is time to stand up and continue with your work, for the sake of your health.

4. Boost Your Mental Health to Increase Efficiency.

When you were younger, have you ever been told to stand up as you doze in class? Did you feel that all of a sudden, you were wide awake?

Yes, this is the magic of standing up. And the same goes for standing desks and chairs.

When you are spending more of your working hours standing up, you are more able to focus. And you will feel more energetic, even in the face of tedious work.

The Buying Guide on Standing Desk Chairs

Wondering how to choose your best standing desk chairs? Here is a guide for you.

1. Comfortable Seating for Extended Office Hours

The ultimate comfort of chairs depends on good upholstery on the seat. So it is quite important when you use them for extended office hours.

When using standing stools, you get much of the support from the seat. Therefore, you should pay extra attention to its material and the quality of padding.

If you are often sweaty, fabric upholstery will be cozier. If you do not want to spend too much time maintaining your chair, leatherette ones are more satisfying.

As for the padding, memory foam is very comfy. And the thick the foam, the comfier it tend to be.

Besides, professional standing desk chairs with mats allow you to change your positions. With the ultimate adjustability of the seat, you can stand up and sit down to work.

different positions on standing desk chairs
Adjustable Seats for Different Positions

2. Adjustable Heights

Standing desk chairs, of course, are to work with standing desks. These desks are often adjustable to allow you to alternate between sitting and standing. So, your chairs are supposed to have adjustable heights for versatile uses and various users.

For the chairs that actually allow you to stand up, the seats should be able to tilt. This is how the seat gives you support when you are standing in front of your desk.

3. Great Stability

Weight capacity should always be your concern in chair purchases, whether you are on the small side or the big side. Those capable of holding more weight are often sturdier. This can be a number to refer to when you are looking for durable chairs.

Make sure the overall construction is stable and will stand up to high traffic use.

4. Sturdy Base Constructions

As we have told you in the beginning, you can choose drafting chairs and professional standing desk chairs for your standing workstation.

If you prefer drafting chairs, you may come to 5-start bases and X bases. Both of them are more stable than 4-star bases. Some have casters while some are static. Most people will find the rolling ones more convenient.

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For professional standing stools, they often have a base that allows you to rock. A good base will make for a broader range of motion and meanwhile maintain safety.

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5. Style

Though most of the chairs look like siblings to each other, they do boast their artistic flair. Pick the one you feel like the most. There are many designs and colors for you to choose from.

Standing Desks and Chairs Are Not the Panacea for All Problems.

Standing desks and chairs can do you a power of good, but they can not solve all your problems.

1. Sitting Is Not 100% Bad for Your Health.

It is true that consecutive sedentary working hours pose threats to your health, but it is not an absolute evil.

Encouraging you to build your standing workstation is not asking you to discard sitting hours. It is inspiring you to vary your postures at work. The key is to lessen your sitting time and spare it for more movements.

vary your positions whether sitting or standing
Vary Your Positions While Working

2. Only Limited Benefits Are Attainable from Standing Workstations.

Though many pieces of research claim to have found profound benefits from standing desks, you should be clear that the advantages are inadequate.

They can help you burn extra calories, but this is far from enough when you need to lose weight. They will lower your risk of having cancer or other diseases, but the more effective precautions are to live a healthy lifestyle.

Make the standing desks and chairs a supplement to your well-being, rather than the sole way of staying healthy.

3. Here’s Some Advice on A Healthier Work Style.

If you want to change your lifestyle into a healthier one, read the following suggestions.

3.1 Alternate Between Sitting and Standing.

As you may have known, both standing and sitting for stretches pose threats to your health. So, the solution is obvious: alternate between the two postures.

The advice from Cornell University Ergonomics Web is that for every half an hour, sit down for 20 minutes, stand up for 8 minutes, and move for 2 minutes.

Another study by the University of Waterloo suggests that among the 8 hours of working for a day, 4 to 6 of them should be standing hours.

alternate aitting, standign and moving
how much time you should stand at work

Make your choice in accordance with your office setting and your health conditions. It might be difficult be form a habit of this at the beginning, but it is worth a try.

3.2 Do Some Simple Stretching to Relax.

Stretching is not necessarily a preparation for exercises. Static stretching is an easy way of relieving your tight muscles.

Just start with a basic march in place and get your legs and arms moving. Then do some side stretches, back stretches, calf stretches, and the like. Simple though it sounds, it will really increase your flexibility and range of motion.

3.3 Taking A 3-Minute Walk Will Be Exhilarating.

Much as the drawbacks of sitting for a long time have been revealed, few are paying due attention to the benefits of taking a short walk during office hours.

However, past experiences have shown that taking a 3-minute walk every few hours will rescue your day. Walk around the room or take the stairs. Such little movements are genuinely beneficial.

take the stairs in offices
Take the Stairs for Refreshing Moments

Final Words

All in all, standing desks and chairs are a nice try if you want to give a makeover to your workstation.

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Keep the advice on how to balance sitting and standing hours in mind. Try to stay in a correct posture whether you are standing or sitting. Gradually, you will relish more enjoyable and efficient working hours.

And if you want ultimate comfort after working all day, we do recommend you to enjoy a massage session on chairs.