How to Buy The Best Ergonomic Office Chair

Why You Need A Ergonomic Office Chair?

It won’t be wrong to say that most of the people who work in an office spend a lot of time sitting there working in front of their computers. However, human body is not designed to be seated in the same position for long duration of time and since people don’t pay attention to the chair they are sitting on, they develop a lot of problems such as neck sprain, backaches, knees problems, pain in arms and other serious health issues.

Thanks to the increasing awareness on the dangers of sitting in badly designed chaired, many people prefer ergonomically designed office chairs these days. In simple terms, an ergonomic office chair can be defined as a chair that is specifically designed to promote good posture and reduce the strain on various pressure points in the body.

It is wrongly believed that this chair is only needed by people who have some existing health conditions and no one else needs them. The truth is that everybody who is going to spend a lot of time seated in front of a computer needs an ergonomic office chair. It means that anybody working in an office needs one as everyone is office spends a lot of time in their chair.

It is extremely important to sit only in a chair that offers various types of adjustable support that allows users to sit comfortably. See the excellent adjustable chair below:

Alera Elusion Series Mesh Mid-Back Multifunction Chair with Black Color

Alera Elusion Series Mesh Mid-Back Multifunction Chair, Black

What can Be the Best Ergonomic Office Chair?

There are many different types of these chairs available today. For instance, there is ergonomic ball chair, ergonomic knee chair and saddle chair. All of these different types of chairs have their own advantages and have features that provide support for specific areas of the body.

The ergonomic knee chair is designed to support the knees of the users. This design ensures that the weight of users is distributed so that it does not put a lot of strain on the knees. Similarly, there are other elements that offer support to various body parts.

The ball chair promotes active sitting which means that users are forced to maintain good posture by utilizing the core muscles and keeping the spine aligned. This type of chair is extremely useful for those who are not able to sit comfortably due to backache.

Gaiam Balance Ball Chairs

Gaiam Balance Ball Chair


Special Features of Best Ergonomic Chairs

Due to the popularity of ergonomic chairs, a lot of brands have started marketing even non-ergonomic chairs as ergonomic due to the premium associated with the design. However, the truth is that ergonomic chairs have special features that make them comfortable and some of the chairs that may be labeled as ergonomic may actually not have the features that make them comfortable.

Therefore, it is important for one to be aware of the various features that really make a chair worth sitting on for long periods of time. Here is a list of the features that you need to look at while buying and ergonomic office chair.


Most of the people prefer mobile chair and an ergonomic chair should have at least five pedestal base with wheels that glide freely. It is also important to keep in mind that a base with any lesser number of pedestals is not safe and may affect the stability of the chair.


Armrests are one of the most commonly ignored features in the office chairs. Most of the time, people end up buying chairs with armrests that are not adjustable. Ideally, the armrests should be adjustable so that users are able to set them at a level that is comfortable.

Adjustable armrests mean that the shoulders will be relaxed and the arms will be rested. It is also important that the user should not use the armrests when typing on the keyboard as it leads to bad posture and related injuries.

VIVA OFFICE Mesh High Back Office Chair – Multifunction Swivel Task Chairs with Adjustable Arms and Seat

VIVA OFFICE Mesh High Back Office Chair with Adjustable Arms and Seat

Adjustable Height

Needless to say, the chair should have adjustable height. There are various types of mechanisms available for adjusting height. Most of the users these days prefer pneumatic adjustable levers as these are very easy to use.

As far as the total adjustable height is concerned, it is recommended to have a chair with a minimum of 16 inches height from the ground. This height will ensure that users are able to place their feet on the floor comfortably while sitting on the chair.

Lumbar Support

A good ergonomic chair offers excellent lumbar support to the users. Most of these chairs come with special lumbar support that can be adjusted by the user as per the comfort. Adjustable lumbar support is especially useful if same chair is used by many different people. However, if only a single person is going to use the chair, fixed lumbar support will also work.


Ideally, an office chair should come with an adjustable backrest. Also, it should be at least 12 to 19 inches in width. The design of backrest should follow natural curve of the spine that allows the user to sit comfortably.

The design should also support the lumbar region specifically. In case the backrest is not separate from the seat, it should be adjustable with a locking mechanism to ensure that user can select the right angle for comfortable seating.


As far as the depth of a comfortable office chair is concerned, it should be in the range of 17 to 20 inches across.


Ideally, the chair should tilt as per the needs of the user. This allows the user to shift the body weight in a comfortable manner. Also, adjustable tilt allows the user to move the body without getting up.

Seat Material

As far as the seating material is concerned, it should be breathable. Leather is also an excellent choice but it usually costs a lot. Also, sufficient padding is necessary to ensure user comfort.

Boss Black LeatherPlus Executive Chair

Boss Black LeatherPlus Executive Chair

Great Brands of Ergonomic Office Chair:

Herman Miller
Viva Office
Space Furniture

These are some of the things one needs to keep in mind when one is looking to buy an ergonomic office chair. It is important that one only buys a well-known brand. After all, the user is going to spend a lot of time in that chair and it can hurt a lot if one does not feel comfortable sitting in it for long duration of time.