Small And Best Office Chair For Short Person

When And Why People Will Need A Small Office Chair Info

If you are sitting at your computer for long periods of time, you will inevitably need a comfortable small office chair. The reason is simple, you are going to be sitting at the computer more often than not and you want to make sure that you are as comfortable as possible. In this article, we will be going over some of the different reasons as to why you should invest in a comfortable small office chair.

Reasons To Invest In A Good Chair:

1. Comfort.
The main reason as to why you will want to invest in a good small office chair is because it is incredibly comfortable. You want to be sure that you are going to be as comfortable as possible when you are working. The more comfortable you are, the better the chances that you will be happy and effective.

2. Productivity.
Another huge reason as to why you should invest in a good small office chair is because your productivity is going to sky rocket. By investing in a good chair, you should be able to really increase your overall productivity which will help you in the long run.

3. Posture.
Another huge reason to invest in a good chair is because you are going to be able to really increase your level of good posture. Your posture is very important because you want to be sure that you keep your back and muscles in alignment in order to maintain proper overall and back health. By getting a good chair, you will be able to do just that.

As you can see, investing in a good chair is something that you can do in order to increase your productivity, efficiency, comfort, and posture while you are working.

SPACE Seating AirGrid Dark Back and Black Mesh Seat

Best adjustable and tilt small office chair

Utilizing Office Chairs For Short People

When it comes to offices, more and more of them are trying to be ergonomic. They’re working hard to make sure that employees are given ways to sit, stand, and work in ways that help keep them fit and healthy. They change up desk size, move the work stations around, and generally try all manner of different things to help people feel as comfortable as possible while they’re working.

Unfortunately, many offices are still flawed in their choice of options. This is because of the modern office chair. The modern office chair is generally made for people of an average to taller height. This is reasonable from the manufacturer’s perspective. Average height means they’re more likely to move the most product while using the fewest resources in production. That lets them make more profit in the long run. Making office chairs specifically for shorter people simply isn’t as lucrative, so fewer manufacturers want to do so.

However, this can cause a number of problems for shorter people. In specific, the inability to put their feet flat on the floor can give a person lower back problems. It forces them to leave their legs dangling, which not only keeps them from supporting their back, but actually applies a pulling pressure on the spine. Over time, this can cause the lower back muscles to become sore and tight, causing a number of different problems. It can also cause joint issues, as there’s no way to rest the knee joints.

This can cause many long term problems in terms of economics. It causes more doctor visits, which in turn costs both the employee and the company more money. It also means the employee is likely to take more days off, which lowers their overall productivity. In short, the fact that office chairs are not generally designed with shorter people in mind can cause a number of different problems.

The obvious solution is to find an office chair that is built for shorter people. What do you look for in terms of office chairs built for shorter people? There are two specific things you should search for. First, make sure the chair can raise and lower easily. Don’t get a chair that’s a fixed height. That way, a person can simply adjust the chair so that they can place their feet flat on the ground.

Secondly, try to make sure the chair is has a lower seat depth. Deep seats are certainly more comfortable for taller people, but they force shorter people to sit without the back support a chair should be offering. Without that back support, they have to rely on their back muscles to keep them sitting.

These two things will allow an office chair to be suitable for shorter people. Most low-budget office chairs don’t have these features, which is why they cause so many problems. It may seem like a waste of money to buy higher grade office chairs, but it’s really not. The higher grade office chairs will give you salient benefits in the long run.

Below is small size best adjustable office chair for petite person:

Alera Elusion Series Best small swivel office chair for short petite person

Best swivel office chair for short people

The Advantages Of Small Swivel Chairs In An Office

Essential office furniture often includes small swivel chairs as a staple for employees. The pieces of furniture that you choose to include in an office setting will ultimately help define the spaces in your building and draw the line between client and employee. One aspect of swivel chairs that you may have noticed is that they’re only used by employees, whereas, stationary chairs are used to seat clients in a waiting room. Therefore, swivel chairs serve as a boundary between the customer and the professional.

An office space has plenty of hard to reach places such as filing cabinets and shelves, and when you’re sitting down, it can be uncomfortable to have to stand to reach every little thing. This simple and annoying problem can be combated by employing the use of swivel chairs throughout your office building. Should a customer need to reach a spot or open a drawer from behind, a swivel chair easily turns and allows for ease of access with minimal effort on the part of the employee.

Swivel chairs are manufactured for use directly in an office environment, therefore, they can withstand the daily wear and tear that employees subject it to. Additionally, since these chairs are manufactured with an office setting in mind, they are comfortable and provide enough lumbar and back support to eliminate back pain. Depending on the type of swivel chair that you end up choosing, you may also discover that it has a built in ottoman, can easily recline, and may or may not have an armrest.

When it comes to something as personal as an office chair, it’s important to test it out in person. You need to ensure that the back of the chair is long enough to support your back, and the cushion hits you in the right places.

Mid-Back Black Leather Task and Computer Chair

Small Leather office chair task chair

Advantages Of Office Chairs With No Armrests

Armless chairs are becoming a modern trend in office settings, and without question they are stylish and comfortable. Opting to go without those pesky armrests is something that most office workers would gladly do. What makes office chairs with no armrests so desirable?

In this day and age, many buildings are opting to leave a smaller footprint when it comes to designing their cubicles. Of course, one of the biggest disadvantages of having a chair with an armrest is that it takes up a lot of space and can’t be pushed directly under an office desk. Fortunately, office chairs with no armrests are more compact, hence taking up less space.

When you overlook the importance of a compact chair, you can also discover that chairs without armrests simply cost less. If you need to equip all of your office cubicles with proper furniture, there’s absolutely no reason to spend extra money when armrests are simply in the way most of the time.

It may come as a shock to you, but it’s very easy to break armrests off of swivel chairs. These armrests are prone to breaking off as they receive a lot of abuse and pressure from daily use. If this is the case, isn’t it easier to just cut costs and forego the armrests?

Armrests can also get in the way of your productivity. You may have sat in a chair with armrests before, but when you need to reach for something or relax your elbows, it can be hard to do so with an armrest in the way. It’s hard to count the amount of times a person can slam their elbows into this extra piece. So, as you can well enough see, there are numerous advantages to choosing office chairs with no arm pieces.

Boss Fabric Deluxe Posture Armless Task Chair

Best small Boss fabric deluxe posture Armless Task Chair



Very Petite Chair For People About 4’10”-4’11”

One of our friend email us, say that she need to find an office chair for people about 4’10”-4’11” tall, and special comfortable for long hours sitting use. I check all chairs again, and find the chair match this need, if there is some model just fit your needs this, it wll me Big Pleasure!

No.1  Alera Etros Series Petite Mid-Back Multifunction Mesh Chair for 4’10” people

Seat size: 20″-14″, Seat height: 17.5″-21.5″

People say:
   – I’m 4’10” tall, and I can make it fit me! Everything is adjustable–height, back, lumbar support, seat, tilt, arms, etc.
   – I got this for my mom, who is 4′ 11″ and wasn’t able to keep her feet on the ground and leaned forward on her old chair. She would get an awful crick in her neck and headaches as a result. She’s plays online games most of the day, so, along with a new desk where she can adjust the height, we have eliminated her neck and headache problems. 🙂

I think this Alera Etros chair may fit you height. And Price less than $150, include Free shipping with Amazon Prime. More details click here:  4’10” Petite Mid-Back Multifunction Mesh Chair


If you don’t mind, you can try the adjustable Children study chair, most of them are very quality, and have amazing lower seat height.

No.2 ApexDesk ALSC2533-BL Little Soleil Children’s Height Adjustable Chair

Seat height adjustable from 12″ to 20″
Green, blue, pink 3 color to choose.




More about the children chair you can see our page:

Children’s Office Chair – Choose Best Desk Chair For Kids Study

Wish there will be one chair you like!