What Is the Best Office Chairs For Posture in 2019 – Top 15 Reviews

Getting new office chairs is not always as simple as some might assume. It requires a bit of research and understanding of how it can affect one’s overall health. Therefore, I am here to introduce the best office chairs for posture.

Top 1 Office Seating – Which Chair is Best for Posture?

If you are looking for the best office desk chairs on the market, then this is the one. There is no need to do any more research on other chairs. After trying time and again, I find that these Herman Miller Aeron chairs are the best ones ever.

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best office chairs for posture

2019’s 15 Best Computer Chairs on the Market to Improve Posture

PicturesProductsRatingAnd More
ergonomic colorful kneeling chairsColorful Kneeling Chairs4.2 out of 5 stars
ergonomic leather kneeling chair Best Selling Kneeling Chair4.1 out of 5 stars
ergonomic exercise ball chairsBest Exercise Ball Chair with Wheels3.8 out of 5 stars
kneeling chair with memory foam paddingKneeling Chairs with Memory Foam Padding3.8 out of 5 stars
SPACE Seating Professional AirGrid ChairsProfessional Eco Leather Seat Managers Chair4.2 out of 5 stars
ergonomic kneeling chair with backKneeling Chair with Back4.4 out of 5 stars
Sleekform Kneeling Chairs with Rocking FeatureSleekform Kneeling Chairs with Rocking Feature3.9 out of 5 stars
Ergonomic Back Posture Stool with Tilting SeatPosture Stools4.2 out of 5 stars
Aeron Office CHair for PostureBest Premium Office Chairs for Posture4 out of 5 stars
high quality office chairs ergonomicFully Adjustable Ergonomic Office Chairs to Improve Posture4.5 out of 5 stars
small ergonomic desk chairBest Small Ergonomic Chairs for Short Person4.2 out of 5 stars
armless ergonomic chairsTop-rated Ergonomic Armless Office Chairs for Small Places4.4 out of 5 stars
big and tall leather executive office chairBest Selling AmazonBasics Leather Ergonomic Office Desk Chairs4.1 out of 5 stars
Herman Miller Embody Chairs for PostureHerman Miller Embody Office Chairs3.8 out of 5 stars
ergonomic executive gaming chairsErgonomically Correct Office Chairs with Headrest for Shoulder Pain3.9 out of 5 stars

Reviews of the 10 Top-rated Best Work Chairs for Good Posture

To help you make a wise choice among the top-rated chairs I recommend, detailed reviews are as follows.

1. Best Premium Herman Miller New Aeron Chair for Proper Posture, Size B

Aeron Office CHair for Posture

Editor’s Note:

  • Different chair sizes for different users
  • Employs recycled materials, good for the environment
  • Most ergonomic design to support all your postures
  • Able to help you better distribute pressure and your weight
  • Fully adjustable tilting features
  • Adjustable arms and seats to customize your chairs
  • Backed by a 12-year, 3-shift warranty
  • Pricier than many other chairs

Different Sizes for Different Users

These Herman Miller Aeron office chairs are available in 3 sizes, each accommodating people of a size group. In this way, they can provide better support for people of different builds. Besides, the manufacturer has listed the instruction (as shown in the right column) to help you make an informed choice.

Chair Size User Height Weight
A – Small up to 5’2″ up to 130 lb
B – Medium 5’3″-6’6″ 140-300 lb
C – Large 5’3″-6’6″ 180-300 lb

Upgraded Chairs for Added Comfort

Apart from the sizes, the Aeron chairs boast many other features to revolutionize posture desk chairs. This is because Herman Miller has updated Aeron to incorporate the comprehensive researches on the science of sitting. Meantime, the advancement in materials, manufacturing, and technology also help a lot in the upgrading. So, you can say this is one of the most high-tech chairs for home and office.

For example, there are eight latitudinal zones of varying tension on the back and seat. This feature will intelligently follow the curvature of your upper body when you change your positions. In other words, whether you are slouching forward or leaning back, the chair will give you adequate support. Therefore, you will not add extra pressure to your lower back and feel more comfortable after sitting for long hours.

Besides, the new 8Z Pellicle allows body heat to pass through. Courtesy of this, the chair will not reserve too much heat when you sit for long hours. In other words, it can maintain skin temperature to make you feel comfortable. This is especially important for sweaty people.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, if you always find troubles buying the most suitable chairs, don’t miss out these. They are, indeed, more expensive than many other chairs. However, the premium features of this chair will certainly outperform those cheaply made ones. So, if you do care about your own health, don’t sacrifice it for money.

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2. Top-rated Adjustable Herman Miller Embody Office Chairs for Back Pains

Herman Miller Embody Chairs for Posture

Editor’s Note:

  • Seat Dimensions: 18.8″D x 20″W, 18.9″-22.6″H
  • Weight capacity: 275 lbs
  • High-quality durable chairs made in the U.S.A
  • Adjustable seat depth & arms; tilting, swivelling, rolling
  • Backrests that resemble your back for adequate support in all positions
  • Ergonomic design to promote good posture and relieve pains
  • Various colors available
  • Backed by a 12-year, 3-shift warranty
  • Pricier than many other chairs

Herman Miller includes more than 20 experts in various fields, including vision and ergonomics. By doing so, they have designed Embody chairs that are as aesthetic as they are functional.

Ergonomic and Comfortable Chairs to Improve Your Postures

First, Embody chairs will help you redistribute pressure on your spine and joints. While we sit, we may unconsciously lay too much pressure on shoulders or lower back. Then, in the long run, we will feel extreme discomfort there. However, to make things worse, it is really difficult to correct our postures.

So, this is one of the reasons we need an Embody chair. They can help us evenly distribute pressure on your butts and lower back. That is, our lower back is putting up less strain. Thereby, we will feel lower back pain relief.

Second, the back support is adjustable. In other words, we can modify the position of the backrest. So, when we make sure the backrest is in line with our spine’s natural curve, pains will gradually disappear. Moreover, once you find the perfect position, the backrest will work intelligently by itself. That is, when you change your position, it will follow up and give you support. Thereby, you will be comfortable whatever your posture is.

Third, these chairs have 4 different support layers. It takes time and effort to understand how they work together. However, what is clear is that when the 4 layers meet, you will never find sitting for long hours a pain. They will allow for good ventilation. So, cool sitting hours are a piece of cake.

Aesthetically Pleasing Design to Shine in Your Place

These chairs are available in various colors. Many of them boast a black base, which will look harmoniuos with any setting. The different colors of the seat, including green, blued, and red, will add unique touches to your place. Even for the same color group, there are different shades available. This will further help you choose the ones that perfectly match your office and home.

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3. Best Ergonomic Leather Kneeling Posture Chairs with Thick Foam and Casters

Orthopedic Ergonomic Kneeling Chair

Editor’s Note:

  • Seat height: 21″-28″H
  • Weight capacity: 250 lbs
  • 3-inch thick cushions for comfy seating
  • Adjustable seat height and knee height
  • Easy-to-maintain faux leather covering
  • Convenient mobility
  • An excellent investment for the price
  • Not folding for space saving or traveling purposes
  • Inconvenient height adjustment

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4. Colorful Wood Rocking Kneeling Chairs to Improve Posture

ergonomic colorful kneeling chairs

Editor’s Note:

  • Seat height: 20″
  • Weight capacity: 240 lbs
  • Able to encourage good postures for your health
  • Employs best wood on hand to last longer
  • Various colors available to lend different touches to your place
  • Cheaper and more reliable alternative to old chairs
  • Not allowing height adjustment

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5. Best Gaiam Balance Ball Chairs with Exercise Guide for Active Sitting

ergonomic exercise ball chairs

Editor’s Note:

  • For users 5′ – 5’11” & standard-height desks
  • Weight capacity: 300 lbs
  • Able to improve overall health
  • Varying colors available
  • Able to add length by 2″
  • Easy portability
  • Only llittle support to your back

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6. Best Selling AmazonBasics Leather Office Desk Chairs with High Back

big and tall leather executive office chairs

Editor’s Note:

  • Seat Dimensions: 18.8″D x 20″W, 18.9″-22.6″H
  • Weight capacity: 275 lbs
  • Best selling and high-rating chairs on Amazon
  • Elegant design with leather and PVC material
  • Extra padding for more comfort
  • Adjustable, swiveling and tilting features
  • Smooth-rolling nylon casters on the 5-star base
  • Easy installation only

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7. Most Professional Posture Desk Chairs with Eco Leather Seat & Mesh Back 

SPACE Seating Professional AirGrid Chairs

Editor’s Note:

  • Seat Dimensions: 20.5″W x 19.5″D, 18″ – 23″H
  • Weight capacity: 250 lbs
  • Skin-friendly leather seat for comfy seating
  • Breathable mesh back for cool sitting hours
  • Height-adjustable armrests with soft PU padding to reduce shoulder pains
  • Heavy duty nylon base with 5 caster for long-time uses and easy moving
  • Simple modern design that pleases your eyes
  • Not designed to accommodate headrests

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8. High-quality Posture Office Seating with Adjustable Headrest for Neck Pain

high quality office chair ergonomic

Editor’s Note:

  • Seat Dimensions: 21″W x 20″D, 17″-20.8″H
  • Weight capacity: 330 lbs
  • Breathable mesh back for sweat-free sitting hours
  • Height-adjustable lumbar support
  • Armrests with adjustable height and distance from seat
  • Headrest with adjustable height and angle
  • A great investment for back pain sufferers
  • Satisfying customer service

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9. Top-rated Homall Gaming Chair with Lumbar Cushion for Good Back Posture

ergonomic executive gaming chair

Editor’s Note:

  • Seat height: 17.3″ – 21.5″H
  • Comfortable dense foam on the seat
  • Support for the shoulders, head, and neck
  • Head pillow and lumbar cushion
  • Durable construction and upholstery
  • Rocking, swiveling, rolling & tilting
  • Weight capacity: 300 lbs
  • No footrest attached

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10. Best Swivel Mesh Posture Computer Chairs for Small Rooms and Offices

armless ergonomic chair

Editor’s Note:

  • Seat height: around 18″-21″H
  • Weight capacity: 250 lbs
  • 2″ thick padding for comfort
  • Mesh back for long hours of sitting
  • Easy to put together
  • Lightweight and sturdy
  • Convenient rolling and swiveling features
  • Not for eactra large guys
  • Check out the video and photos in Amazon’s customer reviews to have a closer look at the chairs.

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What Are the Best Chairs For Posture

What is the benefit of sitting with good posture? Sitting with good posture will prevent your body from developing muscle aches. It is good for the body and will avoid harming it in the long run. Many people, however, have found themselves suffering from back pains due to bad postures. This is especially common among those who work in their offices all the time.

Therefore, it is necessary to choose chairs that encourage good postures. Then, what chairs should you buy to ensure your posture does not diminish?

Ergonomic Office Chais for Better Postures

Many manufacturers now build their chairs with ergonomics in mind. Such ergonomic office chairs will give adequate support to your body parts. Then, gradually, you will see improvement in your postures.

In the face of so many choices available on the market, it is critical to get the right chair. So, from all the chairs on hand, I select the remarkably well-built one for you. It ensures your posture will not wilt over time as so many others might have to deal with in their offices.

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best office chairs for posture

Kneeling Office Chairs for Posture Improvement

If you care about ergonomic seating for good postures, you must have heard about kneeling chairs. Though they look strange to many of us, most users report immediate posture improvement when they sit on these chairs. So, if you want to develop good postures, let the kneeling office chairs be the game changer.

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best rated kneeling office chairs

Exercise Ball Chairs for Active Sitting Hours

These chairs combine the yoga balls in gyms with a chair-like base. But never look down upon the wonders they can make to improve your postures. Still having doubts over them? Then read on. What follows is how I take to these ball chairs.

My Experience With Balance Ball Chairs

As someone working at home, I spend a lot of time sitting in an office chair. Unfortunately, I had uncomfortable chairs in the past, and they caused a lot of problems for me. So, having a chair that I can sit all day comfortably is a big deal for me. It affects the quality of my life.

Recently, I realized that my current office chair needed replacement. Instead of rushing out to the store and buying a new chair, I would try an experiment. I grabbed a balance ball and tried sitting there instead of my regular chair.

My experience with balance ball chairs was mostly positive. Here I would like to share it with you.

1. Balance Ball Chairs Take Some Getting Used to

When I first started using my balance ball chair, I thought that there was no way it could work. The chair wasn’t comfortable for me to sit on. And I felt like I had to readjust myself constantly. I initially assumed that I would drop this experiment before the day was over.

However, by the time my lunch break rolled around, I realized that the chair I was sitting on was perfectly fine. I had already got used to it without even realizing it.

If you don’t think you’ll be comfortable on one of these chairs, I would suggest testing it for a few hours. You’ll probably feel a little bit weird at first, but in time, you will wind up loving them.

2. These Chairs Are Great for Your Back

I tend to get lower back pain if I don’t have excellent support. So, at first, I thought a balance ball was going to worsen my back issues. Surprisingly, however, my back felt great at the end of the day.

To keep my balance on the chair, I had to maintain perfect posture. Then, correcting my posture wound up resolving my back issues. If you have bad backs as I do, traditional office chairs might not be the best choice for you. Instead, something different might help deal with your backaches.

3. It Can Help You Burn Calories

I tried using a balance ball chair for one week. During this time, I didn’t make any other changes to my habits. I ate the same way that I always do. Moreover, I didn’t try to get in any additional exercise.

To my surprise, at the end of the week, I managed to lose 5 pounds. However, I wasn’t even trying to lose weight. If I had been trying, I probably would have lost a lot more. So, if you want to slim down, these chairs will help you exercise while working.

In a nutshell, I’m not sure if I want a balance ball chair to be my only office chair. However, I am going to be sitting on it at least one day a week. It’s great for my health. The one below is my favorite. So, I highly recommend you to give it a shot.

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Gaiam Balance Ball Chair




Why Choose Chairs that Promote Good Posture

The human body is not suitable to sit in a chair for long periods. Bad postures like slouching forward or slipping on the chairs will arise. Then, this is going to cause ‘kinks’ over time, which will lead to backaches.

1. We Often Sit for Long Periods in the Wrong Posture

Most of us sit in our office chairs for prolonged periods, at least 7-8 hours a day, 5 days a week. Then, gradually, this extended sitting can hurt our spine and the joint in our legs.

Besides, due to poor postures, shoulders and arms are also subject to unwanted stress. The back muscles have to put up with a large amount of pressure. Because of this, many people with sedentary jobs suffer from back pains.

Under such circumstances, the features of your office chairs and your desk space are significant. Most people tend to slouch forward when they work. Thus, they put much strain on their spinal ligaments, the discs, and the surrounding structures in the spine. By adopting this incorrect sitting posture over and over again, spinal structures may get damaged. Then, this will lead to back pain and other health issues that can decrease your life quality.

2. Work Chair for Posture Will Help You Make Improvements

Avoiding pains is the main reasons for sitting in our office chairs with good posture. However, while working, most of us can’t pay attention to our posture. So, we inevitably slouch over or slouch down.

The good news is that these incorrect postures can be prevented by choosing an ergonomic office chair. These chairs offer excellent back support. Also, they have the armrest to allow the users to maintain good posture while sitting, even for long periods.

Nonetheless, you have to be aware that only buying the best ergonomic office chairs for posture isn’t enough to maintain good posture while sitting. In the meantime, you need to adjust the chair. Customize your seating to make sure you can naturally straighten your back. First, your feet should be flat on the floor, with the shins perpendicular on the ground. Second, your arms shouldn’t be tensed. Third, you also need to secure the right distance between your eyes and the computer screen.

good sitting posture
How to Maintain Good Sitting Postures

As you can see, there are many details that matter, so you need to make sure you set up your office the right way. Then. this is going to have a direct influence on your general health and well-being.

3. Always Keep Good Postures in Mind

Good posture can help prevent all those problems that affect people who have to sit for many hours to work. After all, it isn’t always possible to find work that allows you to move and be active. So, you need to make sure you work in the best possible conditions.

Never underestimate the power of habit and of small, repeated actions that can add up to a significant burden on your muscles and spine. The sooner you start controlling and adjusting your posture, the better. You may need to consciously straighten your back and change the position of your legs for a while. However, soon enough, all these adjustments are going to become habits, so your brain and your body are going to enable you to correct your sitting posture unconsciously.