What Is The Best Office Chairs For Posture

Getting a new office chair is not always as simple as some might assume. It requires a bit of research and understanding of how it can effect one’s overall posture and health.

The Importance Of Sitting In Your Office Chair With Good Posture

The human body should not be positioned in a chair for long periods while being slouched over. This is going to cause ‘kinks‘ to develop over time, which is going to strain the body in general and lead to those unwanted aches in one’s back.

Posture can be improved with the help of a chair, which is designed for this very purpose, while still providing great comfort. No one wants to sit in a stiff chair, but this is not necessary at all.

Most of us sit in their office chair for prolonged periods of time, at least five days a week. This extended sitting can have a negative impact on your spine and on the joint in our legs. Besides, shoulders and arms are also subject to unusual stress that wouldn’t be there, should we stand instead of sitting. The back muscles have to put up with large amount of pressure, the result being that many people with sedentary jobs suffer from back pain.

Under these circumstances, the features of your office chair and of your desk space are extremely important. Most people tend to slouch over when they work, thus putting a lot of strain on their spinal ligaments, on the discs and on the surrounding structures in the spine. By adopting this incorrect sitting posture over and over again, spinal structures may get damaged, causing back pain and other health issues that can decrease your quality of life.

These are the main reasons why you have to always sit in your office chair with good posture. However, when they work, most people can’t pay attention to their posture, so they inevitably slouch over or slouch down. These incorrect postures can be prevented by choosing an ergonomic office chair. These chairs offer an excellent back support, as well as armrest that enable the user to maintain good posture while sitting, even over long periods of time.

Nonetheless, you have to be aware that simply buying the best ergonomic office chair isn’t enough to maintain good posture while sitting. You have to adjust the chair so suit your body, so that you can naturally straighten your back. The height of the chair is important as well. Your feet should be in firm contact with the floor, with the shins perpendicular on the ground. Your arms shouldn’t be tensed. You also have to secure the right distance between your eyes and the computer screen.

As you can see, there are many details that matter, so you need to make sure you set up your office the right way. This is going to have a direct influence on your general health and well-being. Good posture can help you prevent all those problems that affect people who have to sit for many hours a day because of their work. It isn’t always possible to find work that allows you to move and be more active, so you have to make sure you work in the best possible conditions. Never underestimate the power of habit and of small, repeated actions that can add up to a huge burden on your muscles and spine. The sooner you start controlling and adjusting your posture, the better. You may need to consciously straighten your back and adjust the position of your legs for a while. However, soon enough, all these adjustments are going to become habits, so your brain and your body are going to enable you correct your sitting posture unconsciously.

What Is the Best Chairs For Posture

What is the benefit of sitting with good posture? It will ensure your body is not going to develop muscle aches along the way as so many people find out later on when they have been slouching. Sitting with good posture is good for the body and will ensure you are not harming it in the short and/or long term. This can happen for those who work from their office all the time.

Which one should you go with, if you want to ensure your posture does not diminish? There are two specific chairs, which should be considered by those who are on the look out for a good solution.

There is a chair that remarkably well built and will ensure your posture does not wilt over time as so many others might have to deal with in their offices. It is critical to get the right chairs and these are the best PostureFit chairs on the market.

Professional Eco Leather Seat Managers Chair

SPACE Seating Professional Dark Air Grid Back

Chair Reviews: Professional design, promotes good posture, sturdy chair.
Mesh back and leather seat comfortable for long hours sitting.

Aeron Task Chair Highly Adjustable w/PostureFit Lumbar Support


My Experience With Balance Ball Chairs

As someone that works from home, I spend a lot of time sitting in an office chair. I’ve had uncomfortable chairs in the past, and they caused a lot of problems for me. Having a chair that I can sit comfortably in all day is a big deal for me. It really effects my quality of life.

Recently, I realized that my current office chair needed to be replaced. Instead of rushing out to the store and buying a new chair, I thought that I would try an experiment. I grabbed a balance ball and tried sitting there instead of my normal chair.

My experience with balance ball chairs was largely positive. Here are a few of the pointers I took away from my experience:

Balance Ball Chairs Take Some Getting Used To

  • When I first started using my balance ball chair, I thought that there was no way it could work. The chair wasn’t really comfortable for me to sit in, and I felt like I had to readjust myself constantly. I initially assumed that I would drop this experiment before the day was over.
  • However, by the time my lunch break rolled around, I realized that the chair I was sitting in was perfectly fine. I had already adjusted to it without even realizing it.
  • If you don’t think you’ll be comfortable in one of these chairs, I would definitely suggest testing it for a few hours. You’ll probably feel a little bit weird at first, but in time, you will wind up adjusting.

These Chairs Are Great For Your Back

  • I tend to get lower back pain if I don’t have the right kind of support. I thought that a balance ball was going to cause my back issues to flare up. Surprisingly, however, my back felt great at the end of the day.
  • In order to balance in a chair like this, I had to maintain perfect posture. Correcting my posture wound up correcting a lot of the issues with my back.
  • If you have back issues, a traditional office chair might not be the best choice for you. Something that is a little bit different might wind up suiting you perfectly.

It Can Help You Burn Calories

  • I tried using a balance ball chair for one week. During this time, I didn’t make any other changes to my habits. I ate the same way that I always do, and I didn’t try to get in any additional exercise.
  • To my shock, at the end of the week, I’d managed to lose five pounds. I wasn’t even trying to lose weight; if I had been trying, I probably would have lost a lot more.
  • If you want to slim down, one of these chairs will help you to exercise while you work.

I’m not sure that I want a balance ball chair to be my only office chair. However, I am definitely going to be sitting on a balance ball at least one day each week. It’s great for your body. The one below is my favour one and you can try:

Gaiam Balance Ball Chair or the Boss Leather Plus Posture Task Chair Without Arms

Gaiam Balance Ball Chair

Chair Reviews: helps build a healthier back, balance and relieve pain.
Perfect posture can improve your overall well-being.